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The “PATH to INNER WELLNESS” is the hallmark of our Busionary Center! It is the banner and crown of all of our programs and activities. Busionary Center INNER WELLNESS is holistic and integral and it is encapsulated in the statement: “The glory of God is man and woman fully alive”. We want to bring spirituality and godliness to the intellectual, emotional as well as the physical aspects of our existence as images of the God of beauty, love and joy. Within the human person the physical, the mind, the emotional as well as the spiritual are one and cannot be separated. The Busionary Center would like to be seen as more than just a cerebral educational institution.  A combination of teaching knowledge, personality development, emotional trainings as well as integral wellness in a stimulating environment is offered to the participants to provide a holistic basis to encourage and support further growth and development of each person. A change in behavior, especially in the area of relationships, work and business ethics, cannot be adapted in a rational sense only, it is important to develop the person as a whole. Wellness plays a significant role here.

 Apart from massage therapy (therapeutic as well as wellness massage, there is also the possibility to take part in meditation exercises. For this, a quiet enchanting energy room is set aside to encourage a deeper encounter and experience with your true and real self.   Also, workshops and seminars are available to participate in guided fasting and good nutrition which focuses on the physical well being of our friends and guests. Busionary Center cares for your physical, emotional, intelligent and physical ability to be fully present, creative and responsive to life and the challenges of your career in the globalizing wo



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We value human rights and life.

We believe in ethics and inner wellness.

To what and to whom depend the future of our children (born and unborn), our land and our world? The Busionary Center…for Ethics and Inner Wellness (BC) accepts this question as a call to be part of the pro-active groups in a network of synergies to be actively engaged in the present as well as to usher in a FUTURE in which our children, youths, land, environment and the goodness of creation depend on God and on godly/humane values. We want to be active participators and witnesses in the realization of the statement: The LORD God took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to work it and take care of it (Genesis 2, 15). Under the Busionary Center for Ethics and Inner Wellness, we want to be agents in the realization of the statement: “the glory of God is man/woman fully alive and the glory of man/woman is the vision of God”.

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