At every turn of history, historical conditions present themselves before humanity with different challenges upon which the hopes and joys of future generations depend. There has never been a more critical and historical moment in the history of mankind especially people in the Northern Hemisphere than in the 21st century! In the 21st century, the future of our children, youths with their dreams and hopes, their joys and frustrations, griefs and anxieties, the great opportunities and enormous potentials as well as our collective existence hangs solely on the answer, we give to this one question: Who is God and what is his purpose and plan for creating this great and wonderful world? We want to be part of the solutions to the challenges our children/youths face today and will face tomorrow. In so doing we believe that what we do for ourselves dies with us. But what we do for others and for the world remains and are eternal. We will be remembered for what we do either good or bad. The choice cannot but be clear: We choose Light and Life, Goodness and Truth!

Busionary Center…for Ethics and Inner Wellness (BC) aims to be at the forefront in networking and mentoring “those who are prepared”, those who want “to experience the glory of God” to a meaningful and fulfilled Life according to the purpose of the Lord God as revealed in the Judeo-Christian texts. And this involves great interests in the Work-Life-Balance of men and women in politics, academia as well as in business.


The Busionary Center presents and offers special platform and atmosphere that promotes and strengthens dynamic middle class, young entrepreneurs, policy makers in politics and economics as well as buoyant middle business men and women. The saying ‘iron sharpens iron’ will be daily explored, experimented and experienced in our varied Busionary Center activities in an atmosphere of collaborative spirit, interdependence and corporate responsibility. Together we can initiate and promote an enduring legacy in our era.

This takes place through timely seminars, conferences, Life-Work-Balance workshops as well as body-soul wellness for the targeted social class through our experienced and well-connected Team of national and international partners. Through qualitative Life-Work-Balance workshops in small groups as well as one-to-one mentoring by men and women of values in business, politics and academia, we promote and strengthen individuals, groups, associations and corporate organizations who want to be active in accepting responsibility before God and for the world.

BC Values

Respect, reverence and celebrate the divine presence in all creation

Accept each human person as an intrinsic value/good in all stages of life

Right, honest and truthful living is important as right beliefs and worship

Living and taking responsibility before God and for the world

Being conscious to our interconnectedness and interdependence

Being committed to a culture of work ethic and discipline

Commitment to assuage the human thirst-hunger-aspiration for freedom, fairness and dignity

Integrity and accountability are non-negotiable essentials

Cooperation and partnership

Holding and beholding a purposeful Living in our Innermost Sanctuary

Keeping faith alive and loving sincerely

Having genuine gratitude at all times before YHWH and others.

Busionary center= For inner wellness